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Top 5 Online Translation Companies 2o19

Top 5 Online Translation Companies in Bangalore of 2019 

1.Forefront Academy:

  Established 10 years ago. Forefront Academy is one of the most sought after translation companies in India. The reason it is included in the top 5 translation companies in India is due to its professional services. Forefront Academy is a privately held language service provider, yet it has gained expertise in providing translation in many language pairs and different domains like healthcare, medical electronics, manufacturing, retail, and tourism. We believe in delivering high-quality translation services to our clients belonging to a wide range of industries and have the support of our expert linguists to make that possible. Forefront Academy provides comprehensive translation solutions to international companies belonging to different industries including automotive, electronics, life sciences, manufacturing, and retail.

2. Cuttingedge Translation Pvt. Limited:

Staying true to its name, Cuttingedge Translation is a private translation agency in India. Inspired by “water”, this translation company bestows the utmost importance about their translation, localization, desktop publishing, and interpretation services. The company translates in many languages and has an impressive client base.

3: Mars Translation:

Mars Translation is an IS0 certified company translation company . Established almost two decades ago, Mars Translation is translation companies and offer attestation and interpretation services.

4: Shakti Enterprise:

One of the translation companies in India, Shakti Enterprise has been providing professional translation and interpretation services since 32 years. Having a reputation of providing services for commercial giants such as Cisco, Coca Cola, and Shell, Shakti Enterprise uses advanced computer-assisted translation tools to provide error-free translation.

5: Lisan India:

Lisan India is a  language service provider offering a wide range of language-specific solutions to international companies. Providing localization, translation, interpretation, and content management services, Lisan India has been in the translation business since 2013 and is situated in the heart of Indian capital, Delhi.

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