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Interview Skills & Techniques

Interview skills are skills or actions that allow a person to be more effective throughout the interview process for a new position. Not all interview skills are conventional; rather, many interview skills help candidates prepare for the interview and guide them as they participate in job interviews


Personality Development

A personality development training is a developmental programme for enhancing our personality. It helps us in improving our confidence levels and creating a good and lasting impression on others. … Most importantly, personality development trainings also give us an opportunity to work on and change our inner landscape.



Soft Skills/Communication Skills


Communication skills allow you to understand and be understood by others. These can include but are not limited to effectively communicating ideas to others, actively listening in conversations, giving and receiving critical feedback and public speaking.





Teaching English as a foreign language, Teaching English as a second language or Teaching English to speakers of other languages are terms that refer to teaching English to students whose first language is not English. The terms TESL, TEFL, and TESOL distinguish between the location and student population of a class.



Voice Accent Training

Voice and Accent Training is a systematic method to instill a neutral English accent. This method comprises of learning phonology or dialect of the language in question. In other words, it’s also recognized as accent alteration, de-accentation or accent neutralization training.


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