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Japanese Language

Why do you want to speak Japanese?

Whether you want to learn Japanese for everyday life, your job, to study at a Japanese university, or just out of interest, well whatever the reason is, since Japanese is the language that shares nothing in common with English, you need an intensive source to get started. So, we are an Academy by qualified Native and Indian Japanese trainers to provide an opportunity to learn and improve knowledge of Japanese language.

In the coming years, a skilled labour shortage is predicted for Japan due to the country’s aging population. the most promise for foreign job seekers in Japan in different sectors like Engineering, IT, Banking, searches, sales etc.


Course Structure

Our courses are designed for all the levels from beginners to advanced (JLPT5, JLPT4, JLPT3, JLPT2, JLPT1), which includes Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking of all the 3 kinds of Japanese script i.e.,



  • Vocabularies
  • Grammar (Noun, Pronoun, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, preposition etc)
  • Japanese society and culture
  • From the basic elements of grammar to advance
  • Sentence structure
  • Sentence formation
  • Audio sessions:- Listening Practice through small conversations for accent understanding & much more.
  • Conversation

We also prepare the students for the international JLPT examination.

Subjects taught include the Japanese language, Japanese society and culture, and other basic studies, which are usually taught in Japanese. There are, however, some schools that offer the courses in English.

Levels N5, N4, N3, N2 & N1
Mode Offline/Online
Duration N5- 80 hrs............... N4- 100 hrs............... N3- 150 hrs............... N2- 200 hrs...............
Batch Weekday/ Weekend

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