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The TESOL courses are always offered online and you do not have to be an English language professional to pursue this. The best criterion for pursuing this course is a 12 standard qualification that helps students become experts in spoken English teaching. There are many certification course available in the market today, but it is the TESOL course that stands out from the crowd. In case you have a genuine love for the language, you should carve a niche for yourself in English language training in TESOL. This course enables you to bloom into a spoken English professional of repute.


This online TESOL course is a necessity for all those who are interested in teaching in global learning environments spread across the continents. Globally, this certificate holds a lot of promise and enables you to unlock opportunities of maximum interest.


You do not have to be an English teacher to ace this course. The course is designed in such a way so that anyone with a hint of promise in the language and a knack for teaching can actually take up the course. With the TEFL Certificate, you are able to train adults and teach them the nuances of grammar. The language institutes spread across geographies can recruit you after you have completed the test. There is an online course too that has a lucid structure and is an interactive lesson.

You can be a communication trainer, a language coach or even someone with a varied language degree. All you need to have is the knack for teaching and a basic language proficiency in English to teach students in non English speaking locations.


The entire online course content deals with 4 language skills and new methodologies of second language teaching. If you go for the TESOL course, you can also learn about need based language teaching and grammar. You also learn about lesson planning. The idea is to churn our teachers that imbibe the best teaching methodologies and help students speak fluently in countries that do not have English as a medium of instruction. With expert guidance from academic mentors, teaching with a TESOL degree is of high interest.

The APTTI  has been collaboration with TEFL Canada to accredit the courses taught in the institute.  The TEFL Canada is a globally recognized TEFL body that offers certifications and memberships to TEFL and TESOL candidates from across the globe. APTTI  is the globally recognized institutional partner of this organization.

Batch Weekday/ Weekend
Mode Offline/Online
Level Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

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